With smart home electronics on the rise, such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home, we believe our research can be a vital contribution to how AI is built for multiple user interactions. Whether it be at home or in the office – with family, friends or coworkers – we hope to determine the best way for a personal robot to interact with several people at the same time. The “how” and “why”, particularly, are the answers we are searching for. Through our experiments we will study how people respond to certain control schemes, a term we use to describe the framework of the internal decision making of the robot, and test which ones are more acceptable in group dynamics. There are many ways of actually communicating, whether it be through lights, beeping sounds, or verbal confirmation. At the moment we are using a cute robot called Thymio for our research with the goal of designing a very clear and friendly way of communicating. The work carried out with Thymio will hopefully evolve into much more complex robots, maybe even a drone.  

Multi-User Robot Interaction
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